LeibyaFair Live! (Limited Edition Vinyl Album)

by Leibya Rogers

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released December 2, 2011

Recorded live at Arlene's Grocery, NYC
by Germ Recordings
Mixed by Jon Murray
Master by Tom Hutton at Bionic Mastering

All material written and performed by Mindy Raf unless otherwise noted

Vox, Guitar, Melodica, Autoharp: Mindy Raf
Percussion/Man 1: Patrick Holbert
Bass/Man 2: Nelson Dellamaggiore
Cello/Cuyaga Lake: Kate McKinnon
Sampler Tracks done by: Marc Pattini



all rights reserved


Leibya Rogers Brooklyn, New York

I'm a third wave feminist who stylistically has post modern fourth wave reconstructionist feminist tendencies. Also I regularly change lives at comedy and music shows with my comedy and music. I just sucked you into my womb. You're welcome.

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Track Name: Leibya Spells Freedom
My long armpit hair says,
"F you, all you pretties!"
Ny body odor
Is like my fingerprint ID
My hard mind
won't go soft like an erection
And my tampon smells like freedom

My tampon smells like freedom

The hemp around my neck,
It strangles my dependence
And the dirt under my nails
It connects me to the earth
And my faux-suede Birckenstocks
They crush the big male ego
And my nipples taste like tofu

My nipples taste like tof

I won't eat anything with a face
or suck on anything that tastes like a man.
No, nothing that casts a shadow
Nothing with feathers, nothing with fur
Nothing that casts a shadow
Dairy is scary, soy is joy
Soy is joy
Soy’s like Christmas
fa la la la

I'm always right I'm never wrong
I'm always right I'm never wrong
Learn these lyrics, live this song
And then you can be free like me

Cause Leibya's free and Leibya's spreading the love
Leibya's spreading.
Leibya's spreading
Leibya's spreaidng.
The love.

Bean curd!

Listen up!
All vegans will go to heaven
All vegans are God's children
All vegans will go to heaven
All vegans are God's children

Hell tastes just like
A cup of Starbucks coffee with cream.
Track Name: Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes
Wipe off your make-up, take off your Prada
Leave that crazy man at home
Come and be with me.
I’ll put the smile back on your face
Remind you that you have a g-spot

And I will let you
Scream real loud when you’re in labor

And I will let you
Leave the house whenever you want to

And I’ll take care of
You and your cute Asian robot babies
Oh Katie Holmes

You need a little Leibya

Katie Holmes
Take off your diamonds, put on some hemp
Come and spend the night with me
And we will spoon and talk
About God and I’ll convince you that
There’s no such thing as aliens

And I will let you
Scream real loud when you’re in labor

And I will let you
Use the phone to talk to your mamma

Oh Kate, it’s fate
Your baby and I we used to have the same haircut

Katie Holmes, you need a little Leibya

So come into my big strong arms
Don’t wait, don’t hesitate
I wanna take you out on a date

"Oh I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over”

Wow, Katie Holmes I love you so much, I totally just switched songs, but don’t you worry cause the original song is . . .

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes you need a little Leibya
Track Name: My Vag
My vag is pink like bazooka
Your vag the inside of a hooka

My vag a gourmet sandwich
Your vag a sloppy manwich

My vag is hope like Barack Obama
Your vag is nope like Bristol's mama

My vag is tight like a budget in recession
Your vag is stretched like a yoga session

My vag is moist like a Betty Crocker cake
Your vag is dry like a cookie overbaked

My vag is a designer pair of slacks
Your vag is cheap and off the rack

My vag is water come to a boil
Your vag is milk come to a spoil

My vag is David Beckham playing soccer
Your vag is his pre-game locker

My vag is Whitney Houston way back
Your vag is Whitney Houston on crack

My vag is smooth as a bees wax candle
Your vag is rough as a bicycle handle

My vag at Pilates strengthening its core
You vag getting spray tanned on the jersey shore

My vag is natural, hairy
Your vag waxed, adolescent, scary